Welcome! - Who Are We?
Free resources available through the printed Word.

Welcome! - Who Are We?

Who are we?

Christians! and we want the message of Christianity to flood the land of the U.K.
Would it not be amazing if every person in this country became a Christian?
We believe that churches across the land should have everything they need to make the message of Christianity known. Our desire is to help you with some free resources.

Xpand Christianity / Printing-Evangelism is ran by four members of an evangelical church in the south of England in the United Kingdom.

COMPLETELY FREE bibles & outreach literature

We would like to make available free Bibles for those who are searching to know what Christianity is all about. Simply contact us to send one to that person completely free. We also stock a wide range of Christian literature in English. We can help you also with literature in other languages. All of which are free including delivery.

COMPLETELY FREE church outreach tools

Because our passion is to make the Christian message known to all, we would like to present to you a collection of ‘tools’ to encourage you as you seek to do this. From ‘top tips’ brought to you by people who have already shared the message of Christianity with others, to testimonials of those who have become Christians themselves.

+ A whole lot more!!

What is the catch?

There is no catch. The Bible says “freely ye have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8. We just want to spread the good news of Christianity as the Bible tells us to.

Will you and your fellow Christians join us?


Need your church or contact details printed on a tract?

Contact us for a special quote using our Christian Print Service.

Organising an evangelism event?

Contact us for a Church printing quote.

Do you have a printed church magazine / newsletter? We can help!

Contact us for a printing quote. 

Need printed posters for your evangelism outreach or wall?

Contact us for a quote using our Christian Church Printing Services.

Easter - Christmas - Birthday - evangelism cards with envelopes -

contact us for a quote.

Do you need a new church logo or design for a roller banner?

Contact us for all your print design needs.

Have a testimony you would like to share?

Contact us for a Christian design and print quote.

Writing a Christian book that needs printing?

Contact us for a printed book quote.

Organising an evangelism event? Need printed clothing?

Contact us for a Church printing quote

Do you have any ideas for a Gospel tract?

Contact us and we might print and give them away!

Ideas needed for Halloween evangelism?

Contact us for ideas!

Ever considered a printed calendar with
your church logo and important monthly events highlighted?

You could include Bible verses each month. Contact us for help.

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