The easy guide to encourage your Church to give out tracts
We can provide you and your church with an easy way to spread the Gospel.

Above you can see an example of what was displayed at one church recently where our resources were shown to the congragation of a church in Norfolk.

If you would like to do this in your church, we can supply you with what you need (this can be stored in a large envelope for future use).

What we can provide you with:

Sample tracts. Firstly, if you don't have one of each design of our tracts, then we can send these to you in the post. Then we would ask that you show these to your pastor. Only once they have agreed to which they would like to display, then we would provide you with laminated versions for display only.

We can also provide you with printed versions of some of the articles we produce (to encourage pastors to promote the use of Gospel tracts if they do not already) such as:

Why use Gospel tracts?

More reasons to use Gospel tracts

This will be in the form of a printed booklet.

Once your pastor has agreed to the content of the tract(s), we can then send you a pack for setting up a table display like the above.

Laminated samples - these are provided to allow your church members to see what is available. Should any of them desire a quantity of one or more designs, they would then fill in their details on the form we send to you that allows us to mail them out what they would like (you would contact us with their details). 

At the top left and right of the picture are posters that tell people what the ministry is all about. These are sent along with the forms for you to either place in a perspex clear display stand if you have one (These are not provided) or you can lay the posters on the table / pin them to a cork board / blue tack to a wall behind the table displaying them. 

The rest of what is in the picture are additional items added by the individual.

If you would like to have this display at your church, or have any questions, please Contact Us here - we look forward to hearing from you.

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