Supporting us

Supporting us

Thank you for desiring to further the Gospel through the distribution of our free Gospel tracts / literature and making our free Bibles known to those who need them.

Some people have asked us how they can make a donation toward the work that we do. Before we do that, it is only fair to share with you who is doing what and what we are actually doing.

(To donate directly, please go to the bottom of this page)

It is with great pleasure that as of December 2015 we have started to notice a trend in the requests for tracts. We are currently having at least one request a day generally for tracts. Most people we send hundreds of tracts to. It is not hard to know that with this being the case, we distribute hundreds of thousands every year.

The 254,000 in the image above is actually an under estimate. In fact the number of tracts we help get out there is more like 500,000+ a year when you take into consideration those who purchase large amounts at cost prices.

Who are we?

Mike (to read Mike's testimony please click here)

Mike lives in Taunton and has a MASSIVE stock of Gospel tracts ready to send to all of you who would like some. In the last year he has had 235 requests for Gospel tracts, which averages out at more than four requests a week! To those people a total of 154,000 tracts have been given!!! Many requests come to us through word of mouth recommendation - so please tell all your Christian friends about us!


Nigel lives in Southampton. He manages Xpand Christianity and and co-ordinates the work that goes on behind the scenes. He founded the distribution of the tracts (and then later the free Bibles) over 5 years ago. Nigel does most of the graphic work for the tracts alongside running a printing business (Afford A Print). He also deals with requests for larger amounts of tracts, where individuals or churches request up to tens of thousands of a particular design. These requests are sometimes weekly and are funded usually by the person making the request / their church. 

Nigel also keeps stock of the free Bibles (and also some new testaments). Each Bible is dispatched with a Gospel tract to summarise the message of the Bible (this also contains contact details).

On average we receive 2 requests a day (sometimes more) which works out around over 700 Bibles a year!!! We also offer a new testament as an alternative. Amazingly most of our requests come through google searches!


Making a donation

Now you know what we do, it is important for us to tell you the following:

Any donation you desire to make will simply be spent on the printing of tracts (and any associated literature needed), the purchase of Bibles and any postage / packaging required for either of these - unless otherwise specified.

We are very blessed should you decide to contribute (as this work is a great blessing to us to be a part of) in any way you feel led to and in accordance with the following: "Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver." 2 Corinthians 9:7.

Thank you.

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Cheque: please contact us for this information through our contact form

Bank transfer 

PLEASE contact us for this information on 01823 443441.

If you would like to donate in any other way, please send us a general enquiry through the contact page here

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