Our free "Jewish" Printed Gospel tract
Why use it? Where you could leave it

Our free "Jewish" Printed Gospel tract

A background on this tract

David, who wrote this tract, contacted us to print these for him for his own evangelism needs. We worked on the design and structure of the text as per his instructions. David then placed an order for thousands of these. He has since, in no time, been back for more! (Love to hear of someone like this, busily reaching many souls with the Gospel!).

Why we have made it available

Most weeks we receive calls or emails from people seeking to have their ideas printed in the form of a tract or printed booklet. It would be easy, for every one we print, to fill our website with a free printable tract. Or have our shelves filled with 10s of different designs. We do, however, have to be wise about how many different designs to stock to give away. What we do stock can be based on the number of requests for a particular type. We don't receive many requests for Jewish tracts. But at the same time, we did not have one available - until now. This is why we have brought this one in - so you can download and use it. If we don't have physical stock available for free, we can print them off for you at a very low rate (the same with every Gospel tract we have here - or your own design).

Why was it written?

From the author:

I wrote this tract especially with Jewish people in mind. Jewish people vary widely in their beliefs just as non Jewish people do so it’s difficult to write something that will resonate with everyone. Many are completely secular/agnostic while others are orthodox or reform (liberal). Hopefully this tract will be relevant to as many people as possible.

The essence of the leaflet is that our good works cannot save us - only Jesus the Messiah can bring us atonement for sin through his death and resurrection. The Jewish Temple in Jerusalem used to be the place where atonement for sin took place through animal sacrifice as commanded by the Law of Moses. All these sacrifices were foreshadowing the greatest sacrifice of all when the Messiah would lay his life down for the whole world at Calvary. 

Since the Temple was destroyed by the Romans in AD70, the Rabbis took a pragmatic approach to the crisis by teaching that the people no longer needed sacrifices for sin. Instead, other things can replace sacrifice and make us acceptable to God, namely: prayer, repentance and good works. This approach minimises the offence of sin against God who demands death as the penalty, hence the need for a substitute. 

The leaflet brings the reader back to the Law which, like a mirror for our souls, reveals our imperfections and condemns us as law breakers. Only until someone can recognise the seriousness of their sin can they see their need for a Saviour. 

If you would like any further help in witnessing to your Jewish friends, please contact Nigel who will pass your details onto me. 



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Where to leave these tracts

Assuming your audience is Jewish (but this tract is still suitable for those who are not) -

Visiting a Jewish supermarket or local shop

There are a number of places you could leave tracts in and around supermarkets or shops. But careful that you are not littering or placing them somewhere that they will be simply thrown into a bin. 

Visiting a library or Jewish restaurant

Why not place the tract in Jewish books? Pray about which specific ones and make a habit of visiting to put some other tracts in other books too.

Another idea could be to give them to your server in a restaurant or the cashier (leave them a good tip too).

There are many other places within these venues where a tract can be left - be creative!

Take it one step further

"consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works" Hebrews 10:24

Don't forget to encourage other Christians to use these to reach Jewish people too! - Show them how easy they are to use, or share with them a story of how you have used them. Point them to this article to show them how useful the tract is and where they could place them.

Speak with your pastor too to see if he might encourage folks in the work amongst the Jews in your area.

Remember to pray about them before and after, that you might be led where the Lord would have you go. That He might prepare hearts to read them and work in them and their household.

Can you think of anything to add to this article? Contact us with your stories and ideas.

For His Glory,

- Nigel

To order your printed "Jewish" Gospel tract, follow our instructions here: https://xpandchristianity.co.uk/free-bibles-and-literature 

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