New "a FREE gift" tract
New WORLDWIDE Gospel card tract design for December 2016

Yet another new design for you! Brings our total to 28 designs! This tract has even more uses than others. So imagine you are walking down the street, you can hand this card to anyone. Who wants a free gift? People love free gifts!

Or, you walk into the post office and on the side where the queue walks, leave one for the person writing their address on what they are looking to deliver. The offer of something free should inspire anyone to pick it up. Leave it on a seat somewhere public. Place it in a Christmas or birthday card. If you are writing a letter to someone, include it too. There is no end to where you could use this tract. Pray that the Lord will be magnified through it and then walk by faith that someone has had an introduction to Christ through it. Rejoice!

Here is a picture of the front and back. Click the "Free Bibles and Literature" link above. Follow the instructions to place your order of physical copies.


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