5 ways to reach THOUSANDS for Christ
We will provide all you need (and it is very little) to reach others with the Gospel

5 ways to reach THOUSANDS for Christ

If you are visiting this page then chances are you are someone who really wants the Gospel to be known to as many people as possible, magnifying the Lord Jesus through as many ways as possible. At Xpand Christianity we want to try to help you do that. Here are five ways to hopefully reach thousands for Christ:

1. Request FREE Gospel tracts from us and simply give them out as far and wide as possible. Some helpful links for you regarding this:

View the tracts we have to offer

Know the law regarding evangelism

The value of Gospel tracts / literature

4 inspiring videos about Gospel tracts

63 (and counting) places to leave Gospel tracts

Tracts in other languages


2. Tell all your Christian friends about us.

a) Give them a tract and point them to the website addresses and contact details contained on EVERY tract we produce. Tell them that we not only offer completely FREE Gospel tracts worldwide, but we also offer FREE Bibles UK wide to all those people who are seeking the truth or are a brand new Christian (less than 6 months).

b) Like us on facebook and then invite your friends to like us too (See point 5).

c) Talk to your pastor about having a table to display sample tracts on (see point 4).

d) Invite us to come and talk at your church (Contact Us for details)


3. Send us your tract ideas or places to leave tracts. The greater number of good ideas for tracts, along with more and more places to leave them will certainly ensure a wider reaching area for eyes to read the Gospel. Some helpful articles:

63 (and counting) places to leave Gospel tracts

View the designs of tracts we have to offer


4. Encourage your church to use the tracts by displaying them at your church. For a guide to this, click here


5. Join us on facebook for ongoing tools and inspiration for reaching more and more people with the Good news: 

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